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The opportunity for David Moyes to revenge before MU

The recently rising form has become the fulcrum for David Moyes’ West Ham to raise hopes of beating Manchester United in the 11th round of the Premier League at 0:30 on December 6.

West Ham is having the best start in the last 5 seasons. 2-1 victory over Aston Villa in the previous round put “The Hammers” to 5th place on the rankings after round 10 of the Premier League.

Behind the success of West Ham are the hands of manager David Moyes, who is messing with predictions. The 57-year-old strategist surprised everyone by creating a stable, cohesive and effective “The Hammers”.

David Moyes is injustice
West Ham is good, but the Scottish teacher has never been recognized or the focus of media attention. Compared with two colleagues Ralph Hasenhuttl or Nuno Espirito Santo, Moyes as a “type B” item.

Referring to Hasenhuttl, people were immediately impressed by the sophistication of the tactics that this military leader brought to Southampton. Nuno Santo is famous for the diverse attacking football philosophy that applies in Wolves.

Moyes’s West Ham hardly has any outstanding points. However, the ranking of the London representative is above both Southampton and Wolves in the Premier League.

Moyes is suffering a great injustice. It seems that the Scottish ruler’s reputation is still tarnished after the bad days leading Manchester United in the 2013/14 season, even though it was the “Red Devils” that were wrong when showing impatience.

But tonight, Moyes has a chance to revenge the old team. West Ham’s strength cannot be compared to MU. However, the London representative maintained stability, something the opponent did not have.

The strength of “The Hammers” lies in the tactical system built by Moyes. The 57-year-old military leader applies the old defensive football counterattack, but very scientific and effective.

West Ham often set up a low formation, creating two defensive layers at home and looking for opportunities through fast counter-attacking lines. They use many long passes each time they switch from defense to attack.

Moyes was described by Goal meticulously in the way of building tactics for West Ham. He asked his students to press with high intensity to keep the opponent busy and not to have much time and space to handle the ball.

Every time he steals the ball, West Ham often passes long to striker Michail Antonio very powerful and full of speed from above. Support for the 30-year-old spearhead also included Pablo Fornals and Jarrod Bowen, who were very active on both sides.

The London representative also did not like to control the ball as their average control rate was only 42.5%, higher than Sheffield and Newcastle. From what Moyes built for the club, West Ham football is very simple, not even “trendy”.

At first, Moyes faced a lot of doubts. The bookmaker even considers the Scottish strategist the brightest name fired in the 2020/21 season. The fact is that West Ham played very hard when it all lost in the first two games of the season.

However, after the defeat against Arsenal, coach Moyes began to make a big change when switching to the 5-4-1 chart. With this system, West Ham gains more troops in the defense. Defenders Fabian Balbuena and Angelo Ogbonna also reduced their defensive range.

As a result, the defending flaws of “The Hammers” are gradually reduced. West Ham is third in the list of clubs that must receive the least number of goals after round 10 (11 goals). This is in contrast to a year ago.

Last season, West Ham player often made personal mistakes that caused the club’s defense to collapse at the end of the game. In attack, Michail Antonio was also isolated because of the lack of cooperation from the winger, who always had to back home to support the defense.

Moyes’s change of tactics also allowed the wing midfielders Bowen and Fornals to move higher than usual even while the opponent kept the ball. The striker Antonio is also less “lonely” when West Ham turns the ball because there are two teammates around him.

However, the most important change Moyes gave West Ham was for Aaron Cresswell to play as an overlapping center-back. This is the specialty of coach Chris Wilder on the Sheffield side.

Thanks to this move, Cresswell not only provided very good support to Arthur Masuaku on the left flank, but was also able to comfortably raise the attack support without “worrying about the flanks”. Since the beginning of the season, the 30-year-old defender has had 3 assists.

Moyes’s West Ham is playing very effectively with a 5-4-1 chart. However, letting the opponent have superior ball control can cause them much trouble, if the other side has excellent and creative attacking cards.

In the win against Aston Villa, West Ham almost collapsed after the half-time break. They only controlled the ball 28% and suffered 10 shots. However, Moyes strongly believes in the self-worth applying to “The Hammers”.

Solskjaer: ‘Man Utd is scheduled to lose’

Coach Ole Solskjaer, after winning Everton, suddenly blamed the Premier League organizers for Man Utd to kick the match early on Saturday, November 7.

After winning homeowners Everton 3-1, Solskjaer reporter asked if he was satisfied with this victory. Today, Luke Shaw was injured, because we were playing in Turkey Wednesday night, returning to Manchester Thursday morning. we have to play on Saturday afternoon The schedule is silly so I couldn’t be more proud of the players My players don’t deserve to be thrown out like that, because they want us to failure”.

The Sky Sports reporter continued asking if Solskjaer thought that Bruno Fernandes and Harry Maguire showed leadership qualities in this match, and replied: “The organizers are scheduled to force us to lose. Why are they losing? Saturday night 12:30 play, after we just had to play in Turkey on Wednesday night? Liverpool and Man City played in the Champions League on Tuesday night, were re-ranked Sunday night in the Premier League. The pandemic situation is very difficult, and the player suffers from mental and physical exhaustion. Today we lost Shaw because of that.

When the reporter explained that the big teams had to face a tight schedule, Solskjaer interrupted and said: “Why not put us on Sunday? Next week is the team gathering break. No dispute. What’s the matter, the schedule is ridiculous. “

The reporter also asked a few more questions about the player’s performance, but Solskjaer spoke quickly before moving on to complain about the schedule again. He also revealed that Shaw will have to take a long-term break, and Rashford is uncomfortable with a shoulder injury.

On the evening of November 4, Man Utd lost to host Istanbul Basaksehir in the third round of the Champions League. By November 7, London time, they beat Everton thanks to a Fernandes double in the eighth round of the Premier League, and climbed one step to 14th.

Nadal and Sinner in Roland Garros quarter-finals

Rafael Nadal faced 19-year-old Jannik Sinner in the Roland Garros quarter-finals on October 6.

In 2005, Nadal entered the quarter-finals of Roland Garros in the first place, before being crowned. It wasn’t until 15 years later that the clay Grand Slam saw a player reach the top eight on his debut. That person was Jannik Sinner, Nadal’s rival in the last match at Philippe Chatrier main field today.

The defending champions Next Gen ATP Finals beat two stars in the Top 15 en route to the Grand Slam quarter-finals for the first time. This is considered a great promotion for the 19-year-old player, when at Roland Garros last year, Sinner did not even have a high enough rank to win qualifying tickets.

Over the first four rounds, Sinner lost only one set. The Italian player defeated David Goffin, Benjamin Bonzi, Federico Coria and Alexander Zverev for the first time against Nadal.

Nadal commented that Jannik is young and he’s making progress every week. He thinks this will be a big challenge for himself. Nadal practiced with Jannik a few times and saw great potential in him. Jannik hits the racquet very quickly and is capable of hitting great shots.

In pursuit of Roger Federer’s 20 Grand Slam record, Nadal carefully prepared for Roland Garros this year, although cold and humid autumn weather did not support his play style. The 34-year-old only lost 23 games on his way to his 14th quarter-final match in Paris. He is only three victories from Federer’s historic milestone.

Since the beginning of the tournament, Nadal has won 60% of his score in rally series of four or less rackets. He won 65% of series with 5-8 touches of the racquet, and won 65% of series of durable balls with nine or more hits. This is better than the Nadal average over the past three years on the ATP Tour, which shows he is adapting well to the unfamiliar conditions in Paris this year.

As a competitor in the 100th match of Nadal at Roland Garros, Sinner also does not lack confidence in himself. Playing against Nadal at Roland Garros has never been easy. Sinner must approach the game with a good attitude if he wants to be on the same level as Nadal.

The winner of the match between Nadal and Sinner will meet Dominic Thiem or Diego Schwartzman in the semi-finals. Best friends are in very high form. Thiem has 11 wins, stretching from the US Open to present. Schwartzman is runner-up at the nearest 1000 clay ATP tournament in Rome, where he defeated Rafael Nadal last month.

Mohamed Salah Is The Save Of Liverpool

On the day Liverpool played under his strength, Mohamed Salah shined brightly to help “Red Brigade” win 3 points against Leeds United, the newly promoted team.

On the evening of September 12 (Hanoi time), Liverpool welcomed Leeds at Anfield’s home field in the first round of the Premier League season 2020/21. This is a match where coach and coach Juergen Klopp are expected to face many difficulties because under the leadership of Marcelo Bielsa, Leeds always shows an unpleasant style.

It was just like that on the field. Leeds had 3 times to level the score before the home team. With 2 minutes remaining official time, Salah scored a 4-3 goal for Liverpool, ending the strenuous day of the defending Premier League champions.

The bravery of big players
In the 87th minute, from the situation of the ball, Fabinho tried to get the ball and was fouled by Rodrigo Moreno. The referee Michael Olivier immediately pointed to the spot.

Salah stepped forward, taking responsibility for the decisive kick for Liverpool. The Egyptian striker took a deep breath, his face showed tension, but in the end, he still defeated goalkeeper Meslier.

In the first half, Salah opened the score for Liverpool also from 11 m in the 4th minute. Then, he made a decisive kick, put the ball in the top corner, raising the score to 3-2 in the 33rd minute.

When the final whistle sounded, Salah was given the ball by Alisson Becker to take home, because he scored a hat-trick. Many people may not appreciate this hat-trick because 2 out of 3 goals came from the penalty spot.

However, Salah deserves praise, because there are two important penalties: opening and fixing the score. He overcame the pressure.

Liverpool vs Leeds Brother 2
This is not the first time that Salah has succeeded in decisive kicks. In the 2018/19 Champions League final against Tottenham, he scored the opener for Liverpool on penalties. In the Premier League 2019/20, Salah also set a 2-1 victory for the home team against “Spurs” from a distance of 11 meters.

Since joining Liverpool, Salah has taken 11 penalty kicks for this team. He scored in all 11 situations. This shows how steady Salah’s mentality is.

In the match with Leeds, Salah was not only cold and decisive in finishing situations, but also the person who showed the best ball feeling on the side of Liverpool.

He created a series of opportunities for teammates such as Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino to finish with smart slot situations or one-touch pass. However, Salah’s partner did not take advantage of the success when he showed a lack of sharpness in the decisive stages.

Not only that, when Liverpool have difficulty in deploying attacks, Salah offers a solution thanks to the ability to receive the ball in a back-facing position. Thanks to his muscle strength, he was able to press, receive and hold the ball while the tall defenders of Leeds were close behind.

In addition, Salah also has skillful and speedy ball dribbles, opening up opportunities for the home team. He has 7 successful passes, most matches.

The Premier League organizers voted Salah the best player of the match. Whoscored gave him an almost absolute score of 9.9. These are evidences that show the excellence of the Egyptian striker.

In four consecutive seasons, Salah scored in Liverpool’s opening match in the Premier League. That shows the concentration, training efforts of this player

In Liverpool, Salah is the most hardworking person. He is regularly present at the gym to improve his fitness and strength. That is also the reason why Salah has been successful with the “Red Brigade”, despite the fact that when he first arrived, he was suspected of and later called a player for a season.

Now, Salah is able to fight hand-to-hand, and even gain an advantage over any big player.

Lots of Liverpool’s problems
In this match, Leeds played well and controlled the ball 51.6%. Even in the first 15 minutes of the second half, this number reached 63%. They really cause problems for Liverpool thanks to the talented leadership of coach Bielsa.

However, it is undeniable that Liverpool played badly. Most of the home team players have a bad feeling, including Firmino, who is considered to have the best technique in the team. The Brazilian and Mane both have a good chance of eating, but the quality in the shots is too bad.

The numbers on the ball control above show that the Liverpool midfield is not working effectively. Naby Keita, Jordan Henderson and Gini Wijnaldum were all under 7 points by Whoscored.

If they do not fix the problems soon, Liverpool can be punished by the spearheads who are eager to show themselves like Timo Werner, Kai Havertz.

Man City escape penalty – good story for football?

Temporarily dismissing the conspiracy theories around Man City escaping a penalty, from the perspective of people enjoying football, having a Green Man is better for the Champions League.
The world will still spend a lot of time arguing about City’s escape from the ban on the European Cup 2 years after the ruling that caused many conspiracy theories of the Sports Arbitration Court (CAS). Indignant people have reason to sting out: the law of financial justice is a joke.

Champions League need Man City
According to the British press, Man City lost up to 20 million pounds to pay lawyers in this case. The huge amount of money was sarcastic by many anti-fans, which skewed the balance of justice, so that the elephant could get into the hole.

Temporarily dismiss the conspiracy theory above. Fans just believe that Green Man is unjust and their escape from the penalty is obvious, to see this event together from another perspective.

Imagine the Champions League next season without Man City and replaced by Leicester, who will suffer? The first casualties are football fans.

Obviously, the Green Man will play the Champions League better than Leicester. If the world is looking for a challenger to break the Real-Barca-Bayern’s foothold, Man City can completely tap the self-nominated chest.

The next real object is UEFA. Man City fans must be far more crowded and diverse than Leicester fans. By a basic counter, we can also see that the profits that UEFA and Champions League-related organizations earn from the Green Man will be much higher than Leicester, even Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham. or even Man United.

There are no specific statistics on how many fans Man City has. In the past 5 years, the number of Man City fans has increased by 523%, while that of United has decreased by 19%.

According to Business Insider UK version, Man City ranked 11th in the 20 teams with the most fans in the world. This number is updated in 2019. By 2009, the name of Man City does not even appear in the top 50.

Business Insider announced another interesting detail related to the fact that in addition to domestic fans, how many foreign fans in Man City dare to pay for airline tickets and hotels to enter the Etihad for a match?

The number one hope
In 2011, while MU attracted 114,000 foreign fans to the Old Trafford, the number of Man City was 18,000. However, the correlation between the two big men of Manchester is now no longer as big as 9 years ago.

According to data from The Guardian, Man City welcomed 101,254 foreign fans in the previous season, in which many fans came from distant countries like China, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia or even Vietnam.

The attraction of Man City was created thanks to the beautiful attacking play, the possession of many star teams, increasingly modernized facilities. Most important, however, is the successful marketing strategy. Man City is having brother teams spread across continents, creating a crowded and diverse network of supporters.

Man City also owns the team considered to be the best in the Premier League. We can temporarily measure this conclusion through the value evaluated by Transfermarkt.

Neymar and fateful head shake with Real Madrid

Neymar and the trip to Madrid
In March 2006, the AS newspaper, through a number of close sources, confirmed that Neymar, then a 14-year-old boy, soon wore a Real shirt. This is similar to the story of Lionel Messi, who moved to Barcelona at the age of 13. However, the problems related to the Brazilian striker are more or less different.

At that time, Neymar took a flight to Madrid with his father, Mr. Neymar Pai and his representative Wagner Ribeiro. The Samba supercenter once successfully brought Robinho to the Bernabeu, and this time he wanted to bet Neymar against the Spanish representative.

The striker born in 1992 stayed in Madrid for 3 weeks. He visited the Castilla training facility and quickly impressed with the Infantil A youth team coach, Jesus Gutierrez. “His talent is amazing. He has more outstanding things than the other boys in the academy, ”Mr. Gutierrez said.

Among young talents such as Dani Carvajal, Pablo Sarabia, Alex Fernandez, Fran Sol, and Neymar soon showed talent. “Everyone agrees with making Neymar a club player. Our kids also applaud him, ”Mr. Gutierrez answered excitedly.

Normally when the academy welcomes new recruits, the children here will show jealousy. The first thing they used to say was, “This kid is not as good as people say.” But for Neymar, it’s a completely different story. “Coach, this boy is amazing. So cool, “they said.

Neymar quickly integrated with the youth team, played well, even scored many goals. It seems that the Brazilian striker feels happy in Madrid. In an interview with ESPN, the talent for South America could not hide his emotions: “It was like a dream and Real still had something unreal to me,” Neymar said.

Coming to Real, Neymar met the stars of the soccer village like Zinedine Zidane, Julio Baptista, Ronaldo “fat”. On March 26, 2006, Neymar was invited to the Bernabeu to attend the match between Real and Deportivo. I really like and want to stick with this place.

The mission broke down
A few days later, Real decided to sign a contract with Neymar for a period of 5 years. The agreements were agreed by both parties. However, Samba striker did not appear in the Infatil A youth team to Barcelona. Neymar decided to return to Brazil, and the deal broke down.

Pai then explained why his son rejected the royal team because he felt sad and lost his simple happiness during his time in Madrid. Neymar misses his home, friends, family, Santos and even misses meals in his homeland.

Mr. Pai said it was not easy to refuse large sums of money and new life in Spain. However, Neymar wants to follow what his heart desires. At that time, many people criticized the Brazilian striker’s choice. They said that this young talent missed the opportunity to wear the most prestigious big man in Europe. Or rather, Neymar lost the opportunity to decide his whole life.

Despite this, Mr. Pai still believes in what his son pursues. Money does not buy happiness like people say. Happy with him and Neymar is still the Da Silva family in Brazil.

On the Real side, they responded to the failure of the Neymar deal in a different direction. And it is about money between the two. The South American striker’s agent wanted more than 60,000 euros to accept the deal. The sporting director “Los Blancos” then agreed. However, some members of the club management refused the fee.

On the side of Santos, the club’s chairman, Marcelo Teixeira, felt dissatisfied with the event in Spain. “As soon as we heard of the Madrid deal, we immediately phoned Neymar’s father. We offer 5 more years of contract, salary increases and everything for the Neymar family, ”he said.

Not stopping there, President Santos also contacted lawyer Marcus Motta, who informed and revealed to FIFA about Real’s access to Neymar. And finally, Mr. Teixeira and his home team won the Spanish representative in the fight to retain Neymar.

In addition, Mr. Teixeira played an important role in making Neymar refuse “Los Blancos”. At that time, the talented young South American father and his representative Ribeiro phoned Wanderlei Luxemburgo (the old coach at Real) to persuade President Santos to take him from Madrid.

And when Neymar took a flight to Brazil, he signed a new contract with his hometown team. This is the official information about the broken contract between striker Samba and Real.

Carmelo Anthony reminisces about the day he gained respect from Kobe Bryant

Sharing with Dwyane Wade on Instagram Live, Carmelo Anthony told the story of his past when he first gained the respect of Kobe Bryant on the field.

During the NBA season postponement because of COVID-19, many players took advantage of this opportunity to share and interact with fans through social networking live streams. Here, many interesting stories have been told.

Yesterday, Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony together live-streamed on Instagram. The two close brothers shared a lot of stories from basketball, life, wine… In it, they also mentioned the late brother, that is Kobe Bryant.

Carmelo Anthony hồi tưởng về ngày anh có được sự tôn trọng từ Kobe Bryant

Anthony told Wade, as well as shared with fans to watch live that during a match between the Denver Nuggets and the Los Angeles Lakers, he was extremely worried when encountering one of the idols of his life.

“I don’t know what to say to him. It’s hard to trash talk because when you go out, you don’t know what he’s thinking, what his mentality is. And then Kobe comes out. I greet him. “Welcome back to me. The match begins.”, Anthony said.

In the fourth round, Kobe Bryant started directly with Carmelo Anthony. The Lakers legend is constantly making mistakes, fighting hard with Melo to put psychological pressure on.

“At the time I was braid. The worst and most disrespectful thing you could do was touch your newly braided hair. He touched the end of my hair and said, ‘Calm down brother.’ He called me a younger brother. He almost pocketed me”, Melo added.

Carmelo Anthony hồi tưởng về ngày anh có được sự tôn trọng từ Kobe Bryant

It was in such a tense battle, but Kobe Bryant arrived at Carmelo Anthony after the final whistle with respect.

From then onwards, each time Melo faced “The Black Mamba”, they both tried their best to beat the opponent. Kobe Bryant clearly did not want to lose to any player, young or old, but Carmelo Anthony always tried to get points in the idol’s eyes.

Organizing Committee considered postponing the Tokyo Olympics

While thousands of people gathered to watch the Olympic fire, organizers of the Tokyo Olympics are said to be preparing to postpone the event.

According to Reuters, organizers of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are drafting plans to prepare in case the Olympics cannot take place this summer because of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Contrary to claims that the Japanese government and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will still take place, two Reuters sources said the organizers were considering options to postpone the event.

“In the end, we were asked to draft a scenario in case of (Olympic) delays,” an official related to the issue shared with Reuters.

Uy ban to chuc can nhac hoan Olympic Tokyo hinh anh 1 3500.jpg

Options including postponing the Olympics or organizing it without an audience will be discussed by the organizers later this March.

Another source said that there are now options in which the Olympics will be delayed for 1 to 2 years. But there are also Olympic scripts held only 1 month or 45 days later.

The final decision will be made by the IOC, although the organization’s president, Thomas Bach, recently announced that the Olympics will take place as planned or, although many athletes think that will be the case at risk of health.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Ủy ban tổ chức cân nhắc hoãn Olympic Tokyo

While the Covid-19 epidemic continues to spread and complicate in many parts of the world, the Japanese government insists that the Olympics will continue as planned. A government spokesman said on Tuesday that Tokyo was not prepared to postpone the Olympic Games.

The Olympic flame was brought to Japan at a large welcoming ceremony held on the evening of March 20, and the following day 50,000 people showed up to look at it – on display at Sendai Station. of Miyagi Prefecture. The line of people lined up to 500 meters long for several hours, according to local media.

Japan has spent about $ 12 billion on the preparation of this sports event, and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s government expects a boom in tourism and consumer spending during the Olympics.

Serie A in danger of canceling the 2019-2020 season

Serie A season 2019-2020 is facing the risk of chaotic schedule, maybe even canceled due to the raging outbreak of Covid-19 in Italy.

According to Reuters, the schedule in Serie A will continue to be heavily congested when the Italian Government has just extended the ban on fans in matches in three regions heavily affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, but removed for the Piemonte region, where there is the Juventus club.

The Italian government said matches in Bologna, Veneto and Emilia Romagna, plus the provinces of Savona and Pesaro-Urbina, will have to be played in the spectator yard until March 8. In a new move, Italy also bans fans from these regions from going to matches in the rest of the country. This may cause the Serie A BTC Organizers to postpone some more matches because it will be affected by the promotion, sponsorship, broadcast of the tournament if the matches take place in the empty field.

Serie A mùa giải 2019 -2020 trước nguy cơ bị hủy /// AFP

According to statistics on March 2, the number of deaths from Covid-19 in Italy increased to 34 while the number of infected cases was 1,694.

Club Juventus said in a statement that they would host the semifinal match of the Italian Cup in 4.4 at home to Allianz against AC Milan and have the support of fans, but exclude the fans residing in the area. Bologna, Veneto and Emilia Romagna and the provinces of Savona and Pesaro – Urbino.

So far, 10 Serie A matches have been postponed in the past two weeks due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Corriere dello Sport newspaper on March 2 said that 5 of the 10 Serie A matches this weekend will have to be postponed or played behind closed doors, including: Atalanta – Lazio, SPAL – Cagliari, Inter Milan – Sassuolo , Verona – Napoli and Bologna – Juventus.

According to the latest information, the organization leading Italian leagues will hold an emergency meeting on April 4 to discuss the situation. In particular, some clubs have issued a warning that many matches continue to be canceled, the season will not end because there is not enough time to reschedule.

Serie A trước nguy cơ hủy mùa giải 2019 - 2020 - ảnh 1

Inter Milan chief executive Giuseppe Marotta said in a statement on March 1: “If many matches are canceled after that, we will be at risk”. Marotta told Gazzetta Dello Sport that Serie A may not end because: “Some games have been postponed and others have not, leading to inequity in the competition in the tournament. It’s a distorted tournament. You just need to think”. In terms of injuries and suspensions, not to mention the psychological aspect when you look at the rankings. According to officials, two games were delayed making Inter less than the top team Lazio (the team is not postponed) 8 points so it will be more or less affected competitive play by falling behind.


Corey Crawford received no respect from Chicago Blackhawks

Corey Crawford has earned more respect than he has received from Chicago Blackhawks fans. Crawford has been the mainstay of this team for many years, and perhaps it’s time he should have his own path.

Corey Crawford will always be part of the Blackhawks team until he decides to hang skates and start his own career. We cannot blame him for the unworthy incidents this past season. With his performances, he has shown that he is still able to play well at a higher level and higher. If it is not for these unintended incidents, Blackhawks could have created playoffs a few seasons earlier.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Chicago Blackhawks: Corey Crawford is not getting the respect he earned

Crawford helped make a good Blackhawks team great during his time in Chicago. He was the mainstay of the two Stanley Cup titles and was stolen from a Conn Smythe in 2013. After that, it was annoying to hear people criticize Crawford and say he only got those championships because his team is in front of him. And now, it is even more annoying.

Corey Crawford has proven himself over and over for the Chicago Blackhawks. He will not ask their entire limited space to stick for another season. He is a valuable member of this core and the reason they sneak away with the victory over Florida Panthers.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Chicago Blackhawks: Corey Crawford is not getting the respect he earned

There are many people who like the unique and distinctive Lehner style of play. We have the right to hope he has a long and successful career wherever possible. Currently, it is sad that whenever Crawford plays, Blackhawks fans are always aware of the mistakes he makes during the season and quickly forget a great save he made.

It’s hard to convince everyone that Crawford really doesn’t fit the Blackhawks over the next few years. However, the contract he signed this summer will do it. In the near future, Crawford will retire and leave the Blackhawks, like Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, and Duncan Keith.