Aguero rests, how will Jesus play?

Pep Guardiola doesn’t have to worry about anything when pillar Sergio Aguero needs a post-trauma. The Argentine star will get a reasonable break.

The only problem is how to make Gabriel Jesus improve his form when kicking instead of Aguero in the middle position. Meeting Cardiff at home is a good opportunity for coach Pep Guardiola to temporarily take the main goalscorer Sergio Aguero. In theory, Man City could not face many difficulties before such an opponent. Of course, the demand for Aguero’s health is too important, when Man City will have to meet Tottenham strong opponent three times in April, starting the Champions League quarter-final match on April 9.

Aguero had to leave the field quite early in the 2-0 win over Fulham (he himself signaled a request to be replaced). There must be more test results to know Aguero’s health, although Pep said he hoped there would be no significant injuries. In the short term, only Aguero feels unstable in the first half of the match against Fulham – the match he scored 1 goal and created the other. Worlds are confident that Aguero will rest not only in the match against Cardiff, but also in the FA Cup semi-final against Brighton on the weekend.

Aguero nghỉ ngơi, Jesus sẽ thi đấu ra sao?

People are still waiting to see teachers and Guardiola conquer all 4 battles in this season. They had the League Cup. In the short term, Brighton could not be a rival, when Man City compete for the FA Cup final. In the Premier League, though temporarily under Liverpool, the hopes of City’s championship (currently less than one match) are still higher. The real difficulty will only come in the Champions League. And so, taking care of Aguero before the Champions League quarter-finals is becoming more important.

Overall, Man City are completely superior in terms of class, and the whole team will have nothing to worry about before Cardiff. But for individual Gabriel Jesus, the player who is expected to replace Aguero in the middle position, the pressure to express himself is not small. Unlike the whole team, Jesus is having a successful season. In the match against Fulham last weekend, he did not leave anything significant since he replaced Aguero.

Trước đối thủ quá yếu Cardiff, Jesus sẽ được HLV Guardiola cho cơ hội thể hiện

This season, Aguero has caught Alan Shearer’s record of the number of Premier League hat-tricks and has become City’s greatest goalie in the history of the English league. Raheem Sterling commented: “We are dependent on Aguero”. Of course, each person can understand Sterling in different ways.

Eventually, even if he let Aguero rest, Guardiola could still put him on the bench (instead of taking a break) to prevent urgent situations in the upcoming easy matches. Not long ago, Man City had almost been eliminated in the FA Cup, in the context of Jesus’s main kick and Aguero sitting outside. They were 2-0 by Swansea until the match was only 21 minutes away. In that match, Aguero came on in the 64th minute and he directly participated in all three goals, helping Man City win 3-2 at the last minute.