National Football League 2019 Season

The NFL 2019

The 2019 season will mark the 100th National Football League (NFL) tournament and is expected to tentatively start on September 5th, 2019 with the venue being the home ground of the Super Bowl LIII winner who will either be the New England or Los Angeles Rams who will face off later in February 2019 to determine the Super Bowl winner and the season-ending a year later with the Super Bowl LIV which is considered as the leagues championship game.

This season will see a total of 256 games played in a span of 17 weeks with each of the 32 league teams playing a 16 game schedule. As of the current schedule, the teams will be divided into pools each pool having four teams and each team is supposed to play the other three teams in the division twice. Additionally, a team will play each of the four teams in a different division from each conference.

It will be interestling to see which team lifts the trophy at the end of the season with teams making major changes before the league starts. The league has also attracted a number of media partners with the league games set to be broadcast on major stations both in Canada and the US.

Super Bowl LIII

The Super Bowl LIII will be the stage where the 2018 NFL season champion will be determined and it will see the National Football Conference (NFC) champions Los Angeles Rams take on the America Conference League Champions (AFC) New England Patriots. The game will be played at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia which will be the first Super Bowl played in the stadium since its opening in 2017. With the game being played on 3rd February 2019 it’s the high time that you make earlier preparations in case you want to attend.