Carmelo Anthony reminisces about the day he gained respect from Kobe Bryant

Sharing with Dwyane Wade on Instagram Live, Carmelo Anthony told the story of his past when he first gained the respect of Kobe Bryant on the field.

During the NBA season postponement because of COVID-19, many players took advantage of this opportunity to share and interact with fans through social networking live streams. Here, many interesting stories have been told.

Yesterday, Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony together live-streamed on Instagram. The two close brothers shared a lot of stories from basketball, life, wine… In it, they also mentioned the late brother, that is Kobe Bryant.

Carmelo Anthony hồi tưởng về ngày anh có được sự tôn trọng từ Kobe Bryant

Anthony told Wade, as well as shared with fans to watch live that during a match between the Denver Nuggets and the Los Angeles Lakers, he was extremely worried when encountering one of the idols of his life.

“I don’t know what to say to him. It’s hard to trash talk because when you go out, you don’t know what he’s thinking, what his mentality is. And then Kobe comes out. I greet him. “Welcome back to me. The match begins.”, Anthony said.

In the fourth round, Kobe Bryant started directly with Carmelo Anthony. The Lakers legend is constantly making mistakes, fighting hard with Melo to put psychological pressure on.

“At the time I was braid. The worst and most disrespectful thing you could do was touch your newly braided hair. He touched the end of my hair and said, ‘Calm down brother.’ He called me a younger brother. He almost pocketed me”, Melo added.

Carmelo Anthony hồi tưởng về ngày anh có được sự tôn trọng từ Kobe Bryant

It was in such a tense battle, but Kobe Bryant arrived at Carmelo Anthony after the final whistle with respect.

From then onwards, each time Melo faced “The Black Mamba”, they both tried their best to beat the opponent. Kobe Bryant clearly did not want to lose to any player, young or old, but Carmelo Anthony always tried to get points in the idol’s eyes.