Reveal the time Eden Hazard officially joined Real Madrid

Chelsea club is expected to agree to sell Eden Hazard to Real Madrid on May 12, unless winning a ticket to the Europa League final in 2018/19.

Leo Messi’s double scored against Liverpool helped Barcelona take a big advantage to win the Champions League final, as well as improve his opposition to Premier League clubs.

The MARCA daily revealed that Eden Hazard has agreed to terms to join Real Madrid in the summer of 2019. Accordingly, the official announcement of the deal will be announced on May 12, unless Chelsea win tickets to the Europa League finals 2018/19.

Chú thích ảnh

It is known that Real Madrid have conducted negotiations in secret and reached an agreement to sign the Belgian midfielder. However, the hosts of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium do not want to give an official announcement because of fear of affecting the rest of the season this season of Chelsea.

Currently, Maurizio Sarri’s teachers and coaches still hold the advantage in the race to win tickets to the Champions League next season, as well as get a 1-1 result against Frankfurt in the first leg Europa League semi-final.

The Real Madrid side will be waiting for the 2018/19 La Liga season to end to give an official announcement about new transfer contracts. Most likely it will be May 19, while the Europa League final of 2018/19 will take place on May 29.

Chú thích ảnh

Meanwhile, Chelsea hope to collect £ 120 million from the sale of Eden Hazard to Real Madrid, although he is in the final year of the contract.

In a recent interview, Chelsea’s former manager Glenn Hoddle confirmed it would not be surprising if the Belgian midfielder joined Real Madrid in Summer 2019. “I think Chelsea will have tickets to the Champions League next season, but whether Eden Hazard Do you stay with them?” – Coach Glenn Hoddle shared. “I think no! This is a good time for him to move to Real Madrid. If they send in suggestions, he will quickly agree”.

Chú thích ảnh

“Real Madrid is a club with great ambitions, they will rebuild their squad and Eden Hazard deserves to be in their squad next season. I personally like him playing in the Premier League but I have a feeling I think he will explode if he moves to La Liga”.