Lewis Hamilton is ready to shove records of Schumacher

Lewis Hamilton began his journey to conquer the world championship 6 in his career. That will be a premise for him to dump 7 more incredible milestones of legend Michael Schumacher.

In fact, Hamilton has surpassed Michael Schumacher on the number of pole wins, and the number of races conquered. But with the current good form (still leading the individual rankings after 5 stages), and there is no sign of slowing down after turning 34, Mercedes is ready to rewrite history, and there is no small pressure for the next generation like Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc in the coming years.

Lewis Hamilton sẵn sàng xô đổ 7 kỷ lục của Schumacher

World Championship

Schumacher: 7

Hamilton: 5

When Schumacher won his seventh and final title in 2004, both Hamilton and his rival Sebastian Vettel (four times the champion) have yet to debut F1. And very few people think of that record being dumped. Earlier, the legendary five-time world champion Juan Manuel Fangio’s record survived for 46 years before being overtaken by Schumi.

Now, after winning the last three seasons, and leading the current season, Hamilton is preparing to overtake Fangio, and if he holds the form until the end of his current contract next year, Hamilton will balance Schumi’s 7-time world championship record.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Lewis Hamilton sẵn sàng xô đổ 7 kỷ lục của Schumacher

Championship race

Schumacher: 91

Hamilton: 76

Winning the 2006 Chinese Grand Prix helped Michael Schumacher win 91 stage championships, surpassing Alain Prost’s old record to … 40 championships. Even the winning title of both Alain Prost and his rival Ayrton Senna was only 92 times, more than Schumacher once.

Of course, many people will think that Schumacher’s record will be hard to balance or threatened. But Hamilton’s dominance in the hybrid era will make them think again. Since the beginning of 2014, Hamilton has won 54/105 races, reaching 51.4%, 10% higher than before. Unless there was a big shock to leave F1, Hamilton had dozens of races ahead, and if he maintained this level, he could completely end in 2020 with 94 Grand Prix championships to surpass the century of Schumacher’s continent.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Lewis Hamilton sẵn sàng xô đổ 7 kỷ lục của Schumacher

Win the most in 1 Grand Prix

Schumacher: 8 (French GP)

Hamilton: 6 (GP Canadian, GP Chinese, Hungarian GP, ​​American GP)

Schumacher is still holding the most champion record in some Grand Prixes, most notably in France, with 8 times.

But sooner or later, that record will also be overtaken by Hamilton. The British driver won the first time in the Canadian Grand Prix 2007, and since then, he has won the Montreal championship five more times (2010, 2012, 2015, 2016, 2017). Hamilton also won the same number of championships in China, America, and Hungary. Remember, he’s only 34 years old, and there’s still time to get past Schumacher.