Serie A in danger of canceling the 2019-2020 season

Serie A season 2019-2020 is facing the risk of chaotic schedule, maybe even canceled due to the raging outbreak of Covid-19 in Italy.

According to Reuters, the schedule in Serie A will continue to be heavily congested when the Italian Government has just extended the ban on fans in matches in three regions heavily affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, but removed for the Piemonte region, where there is the Juventus club.

The Italian government said matches in Bologna, Veneto and Emilia Romagna, plus the provinces of Savona and Pesaro-Urbina, will have to be played in the spectator yard until March 8. In a new move, Italy also bans fans from these regions from going to matches in the rest of the country. This may cause the Serie A BTC Organizers to postpone some more matches because it will be affected by the promotion, sponsorship, broadcast of the tournament if the matches take place in the empty field.

Serie A mùa giải 2019 -2020 trước nguy cơ bị hủy /// AFP

According to statistics on March 2, the number of deaths from Covid-19 in Italy increased to 34 while the number of infected cases was 1,694.

Club Juventus said in a statement that they would host the semifinal match of the Italian Cup in 4.4 at home to Allianz against AC Milan and have the support of fans, but exclude the fans residing in the area. Bologna, Veneto and Emilia Romagna and the provinces of Savona and Pesaro – Urbino.

So far, 10 Serie A matches have been postponed in the past two weeks due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Corriere dello Sport newspaper on March 2 said that 5 of the 10 Serie A matches this weekend will have to be postponed or played behind closed doors, including: Atalanta – Lazio, SPAL – Cagliari, Inter Milan – Sassuolo , Verona – Napoli and Bologna – Juventus.

According to the latest information, the organization leading Italian leagues will hold an emergency meeting on April 4 to discuss the situation. In particular, some clubs have issued a warning that many matches continue to be canceled, the season will not end because there is not enough time to reschedule.

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Inter Milan chief executive Giuseppe Marotta said in a statement on March 1: “If many matches are canceled after that, we will be at risk”. Marotta told Gazzetta Dello Sport that Serie A may not end because: “Some games have been postponed and others have not, leading to inequity in the competition in the tournament. It’s a distorted tournament. You just need to think”. In terms of injuries and suspensions, not to mention the psychological aspect when you look at the rankings. According to officials, two games were delayed making Inter less than the top team Lazio (the team is not postponed) 8 points so it will be more or less affected competitive play by falling behind.