Latest Football News 2019

Cristiano Ronaldo Fined

Cristiano Ronaldo was earlier this month fined over $20 million for alleged tax fraud crimes that go back to the time he was in Spain playing for Real Madrid football club. This happened after pleading guilty to the charges that as a way of ensuring he avoided spending 23 months in custody. In Spain first time offenders slapped with less than a two-year jail term have the option of serving the sentence under probation meaning that for Ronaldo will not have to spend time in prison.

This comes in the wake of another scandal facing the Portuguese international where he is accused of raping a lady in Nevada who has since filed a suit claiming that she was raped by Ronaldo in Las Vegas back in 2009 allegations which the player has denied. Ronaldo, who left Real Madrid for Juventus in the summer, is the third highest paid athlete and the second highest paid footballer according to a survey released in 2018.

Most Prestigious Football Tournaments

Football tournaments are characterized by an incredible atmosphere with fans from different regions coming together to support their favorite teams and also explore what the host country has to offer in terms of attractions and other facilities. For football fans here are some of the most popular tournaments:

  • World Cup

The World Cup takes place after every four years with each continent sending a number of national teams to the global event. Each continent has a number of slots to fill which are determined by how the national teams performed in previous tournaments and the countries ranking on the FIFA ranking system. The last World Cup tournament was hosted by Russia in 2018 and France were the winners.

  • Summer Games

The Summer games bring together both male and female football competitions with the winner decided after two weeks of action. This tournament also affords fans an opportunity to see other games apart from football.