Man City escape penalty – good story for football?

Temporarily dismissing the conspiracy theories around Man City escaping a penalty, from the perspective of people enjoying football, having a Green Man is better for the Champions League.
The world will still spend a lot of time arguing about City’s escape from the ban on the European Cup 2 years after the ruling that caused many conspiracy theories of the Sports Arbitration Court (CAS). Indignant people have reason to sting out: the law of financial justice is a joke.

Champions League need Man City
According to the British press, Man City lost up to 20 million pounds to pay lawyers in this case. The huge amount of money was sarcastic by many anti-fans, which skewed the balance of justice, so that the elephant could get into the hole.

Temporarily dismiss the conspiracy theory above. Fans just believe that Green Man is unjust and their escape from the penalty is obvious, to see this event together from another perspective.

Imagine the Champions League next season without Man City and replaced by Leicester, who will suffer? The first casualties are football fans.

Obviously, the Green Man will play the Champions League better than Leicester. If the world is looking for a challenger to break the Real-Barca-Bayern’s foothold, Man City can completely tap the self-nominated chest.

The next real object is UEFA. Man City fans must be far more crowded and diverse than Leicester fans. By a basic counter, we can also see that the profits that UEFA and Champions League-related organizations earn from the Green Man will be much higher than Leicester, even Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham. or even Man United.

There are no specific statistics on how many fans Man City has. In the past 5 years, the number of Man City fans has increased by 523%, while that of United has decreased by 19%.

According to Business Insider UK version, Man City ranked 11th in the 20 teams with the most fans in the world. This number is updated in 2019. By 2009, the name of Man City does not even appear in the top 50.

Business Insider announced another interesting detail related to the fact that in addition to domestic fans, how many foreign fans in Man City dare to pay for airline tickets and hotels to enter the Etihad for a match?

The number one hope
In 2011, while MU attracted 114,000 foreign fans to the Old Trafford, the number of Man City was 18,000. However, the correlation between the two big men of Manchester is now no longer as big as 9 years ago.

According to data from The Guardian, Man City welcomed 101,254 foreign fans in the previous season, in which many fans came from distant countries like China, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia or even Vietnam.

The attraction of Man City was created thanks to the beautiful attacking play, the possession of many star teams, increasingly modernized facilities. Most important, however, is the successful marketing strategy. Man City is having brother teams spread across continents, creating a crowded and diverse network of supporters.

Man City also owns the team considered to be the best in the Premier League. We can temporarily measure this conclusion through the value evaluated by Transfermarkt.