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Sports Betting Regulation Talks

Sports betting in New York has not been allowed outside casino walls among different states, and the New York Gaming Commission has called a meeting that will see the start of discussions on how to regulate the sports betting industry, especially among state-owned casinos. The repealing of the Professional and Amateur Sports Act was seen as a green light for state-owned casinos to launch sports betting, but this has not quite taken shape since the major hurdle has been with the gaming commission not coming up with regulations to govern sports betting vertically.

In the wake of this meeting, several house representatives have come up with proposals which will see sports betting providers being allowed to operate in New York. Supporters of these proposals have highlighted the fact that this move will lead to job creation and increased revenue for the government through taxation and loyalties.

The Madison Square Garden (MSG) may be the first venue where you may get to enjoy legalized sports betting in New York after the parent company applied for a license to use the MSG trademark in sports betting.

Your Betting Guide

Many people have the notion that sports betting is an easy task where one will make lots of money within no time. However, this is not the case because betting requires one to come up with a strategy, and not entirely to rely on luck. Make sure that you do a simple research before placing your bet on a particular event. When doing your research, factors to look out for include the head to head statistics of both teams, average goals scored and conceded and the number of fouls or penalties during previous meetings, among others. Ensure that you also choose a trusted provider to reduce the chances of online scamming and personal information security breaches.