Zidane: “Rocking is not good in the first match”

Real Madrid coach believes that the score against Celta Vigo on March 16 is the most important thing.

“I feel great and believe that we have achieved a good result. This victory is what we have been looking for all the time. The most important thing is the score, although this is my first match when coming back”, Zinedine Zidane started the press conference after his first match in the second term at Real Madrid. “Real doesn’t play very well but it’s normal. We were patient, after the first half we didn’t score, and played well in the second half”.

The Bernabeu team played overwhelmingly and had 22 defeats, nearly four opponents, in the La Liga round 28 match. Many gods under Zidane’s first term, Keylor Navas, Marcelo, Gareth Bale and Isco, were re-used.

Zidane hài lòng với chiến thắng đầu tay trước Celta Vigo. Ảnh: Reuters.

“Real’s goal in the rest is to finish La Liga in the best position possible. Before Celta Vigo, everything is not perfect but it is a good step for the next game. I will have more time”, Zidane added a space to learn and chat with students, help things get in the way, and make sure to stay in shape for the rest of the season.

Zidane had just left the hot seat at the Bernabeu for 10 months, and had not forgotten the feeling of 80,000 fans on the cheering ground: “It was a pleasure to come back and sit here. Many things have changed, but for me, it feels like I just came home, I came here as a player, had taken on many positions here, and I never felt uncomfortable when I returned to the Bernabeu”.

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Spanish media say Zidane will receive $ 400 million to upgrade the squad in the summer of 2019. Many fluctuations will take place in the Real squad. However, the French rulers only focused on the students in hand. “A Real team has 25 members and I will have to fulfill them all. Of course, there will be people who cannot compete, even sit for a while. However, there are still 10 games in the season. No one can deny what they have done in the past”, Zidane said.

Real time goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois was exiled on March 16, but Zidane said it was not the final decision. He said: “We have three great goalkeepers, Navas, Courtois and Luca Zidane, but I believe Real should have three or four guardians to excel. You can’t compete in five or six arenas with just one player”.