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Neymar and fateful head shake with Real Madrid

Neymar and the trip to Madrid
In March 2006, the AS newspaper, through a number of close sources, confirmed that Neymar, then a 14-year-old boy, soon wore a Real shirt. This is similar to the story of Lionel Messi, who moved to Barcelona at the age of 13. However, the problems related to the Brazilian striker are more or less different.

At that time, Neymar took a flight to Madrid with his father, Mr. Neymar Pai and his representative Wagner Ribeiro. The Samba supercenter once successfully brought Robinho to the Bernabeu, and this time he wanted to bet Neymar against the Spanish representative.

The striker born in 1992 stayed in Madrid for 3 weeks. He visited the Castilla training facility and quickly impressed with the Infantil A youth team coach, Jesus Gutierrez. “His talent is amazing. He has more outstanding things than the other boys in the academy, ”Mr. Gutierrez said.

Among young talents such as Dani Carvajal, Pablo Sarabia, Alex Fernandez, Fran Sol, and Neymar soon showed talent. “Everyone agrees with making Neymar a club player. Our kids also applaud him, ”Mr. Gutierrez answered excitedly.

Normally when the academy welcomes new recruits, the children here will show jealousy. The first thing they used to say was, “This kid is not as good as people say.” But for Neymar, it’s a completely different story. “Coach, this boy is amazing. So cool, “they said.

Neymar quickly integrated with the youth team, played well, even scored many goals. It seems that the Brazilian striker feels happy in Madrid. In an interview with ESPN, the talent for South America could not hide his emotions: “It was like a dream and Real still had something unreal to me,” Neymar said.

Coming to Real, Neymar met the stars of the soccer village like Zinedine Zidane, Julio Baptista, Ronaldo “fat”. On March 26, 2006, Neymar was invited to the Bernabeu to attend the match between Real and Deportivo. I really like and want to stick with this place.

The mission broke down
A few days later, Real decided to sign a contract with Neymar for a period of 5 years. The agreements were agreed by both parties. However, Samba striker did not appear in the Infatil A youth team to Barcelona. Neymar decided to return to Brazil, and the deal broke down.

Pai then explained why his son rejected the royal team because he felt sad and lost his simple happiness during his time in Madrid. Neymar misses his home, friends, family, Santos and even misses meals in his homeland.

Mr. Pai said it was not easy to refuse large sums of money and new life in Spain. However, Neymar wants to follow what his heart desires. At that time, many people criticized the Brazilian striker’s choice. They said that this young talent missed the opportunity to wear the most prestigious big man in Europe. Or rather, Neymar lost the opportunity to decide his whole life.

Despite this, Mr. Pai still believes in what his son pursues. Money does not buy happiness like people say. Happy with him and Neymar is still the Da Silva family in Brazil.

On the Real side, they responded to the failure of the Neymar deal in a different direction. And it is about money between the two. The South American striker’s agent wanted more than 60,000 euros to accept the deal. The sporting director “Los Blancos” then agreed. However, some members of the club management refused the fee.

On the side of Santos, the club’s chairman, Marcelo Teixeira, felt dissatisfied with the event in Spain. “As soon as we heard of the Madrid deal, we immediately phoned Neymar’s father. We offer 5 more years of contract, salary increases and everything for the Neymar family, ”he said.

Not stopping there, President Santos also contacted lawyer Marcus Motta, who informed and revealed to FIFA about Real’s access to Neymar. And finally, Mr. Teixeira and his home team won the Spanish representative in the fight to retain Neymar.

In addition, Mr. Teixeira played an important role in making Neymar refuse “Los Blancos”. At that time, the talented young South American father and his representative Ribeiro phoned Wanderlei Luxemburgo (the old coach at Real) to persuade President Santos to take him from Madrid.

And when Neymar took a flight to Brazil, he signed a new contract with his hometown team. This is the official information about the broken contract between striker Samba and Real.

Whose name is the king of Europe?

The UEFA Nations League in the first season has already prepared for the curtain. A new tournament with lots of drama, appeal, and surprise. Portugal and the Netherlands are the two teams that will compete in the final with the prestigious silver trophy and the total value of the prize for the champion team after the tournament is up to 10.5 million Euro.

Portugal is the defending champion of Euro 2016, surely they are full of chances to win the championship right on their home turf. That is evidenced by the determination and strength of world-class superstar Cristiano Ronaldo with his skill as a natural talent. He proved that at 34 his age did not stop and he will help Portugal win more tournaments. Winning the UEFA Nations League championship is an invaluable gift for the audience to repay the debt and pain when Ronaldo and Portugal lost at Euro 2004.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho UEFA Nations League

The Netherlands continues to assert their whirlwinds swept all opponents on the way to the European throne. A new Holland is a completely different, charming gameplay, an attractive attack. They defeated the French champions world champions, easily overcame the German tank and they had recently cracked proud British lions.

Van Dijk will undoubtedly be Ronaldo ‘s biggest counterpart, the Premier League’ s central defender, the best player of the season. There are no players in England who do not have a player who can pass the ball through Van Dijk and he is also the one who gives certainty and assures Liverpool to win the UEFA Champions League. Certainly, the most compelling display of the match will be the confrontation between Ronaldo and Van Dijk. Who will win? The winner will get the first championship title of the new European class tournament.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Ngôi vương của Châu Âu gọi tên ai ?

Let’s get nervous and wait for this final live only on TV, Onme, Football channels. Before that, the audience will also be able to watch live the third match between Switzerland and England. England was in pain after losing to the Netherlands in the semifinals, they will certainly be determined not to repeat the same defeat last year in the third and final matches of the 2018 World Cup, and if Sweden wins third place is also a great achievement in the history of Swiss football background.

Hannah Green wins Cambia Portland Classic

The final round of 67 strokes with the final score of -21 on September 1 helps Hannah Green to be crowned in the Cambia Portland Classic in LPGA Tour 2019.

Green’s journey to win the cup and the $195,000 prize money has six birdies and a single bogey. Technical statistics show that the major champion KPMG Women’s PGA Championship 2019 plays impressively, especially at the tee shot. In this respect, she scored 290 yards, compared to 267 yards for the penultimate round and 262 yards for the second round. In addition, Green hit the fairway in 11 of the 14 holes, onto the green in 13 of the 18 holes and made 26 putts.

“The surface of Columbia Edgewater Country Club is very difficult. I had to be very patient and give myself opportunities”, Hannah Green said. At the age of 22, this is Green’s second victory in her career as well as this year’s LPGA Tour season, since she joined this arena in 2018. About 20,000 USD more, she will reach one million milestones USD in a season.

Hannah Green mừng chức vô địch Cambia Portland Classic. Ảnh: AP.

Completing the goal with a score of -20, Yealimi Noh reached second place in the regret. Entering a 3-stroke lead, the 18-year-old golfer maintains this advantage until the end of hole 14.

However, the two bogeys in the remaining four pits gave her the opportunity for Green to gradually shorten and level the gap when they both reached the 17th hole. At the bottom pit, Noh bogey while Green was the winner with par points.

“It was hard. I tried my best. Today, my hits didn’t go as well”, Noh said. However, the runner-up was a respectable achievement because Noh had just become a professional in February, almost anonymous and was given an official ticket to qualify for the first round of the week qualifying tournament or the sponsor’s special capacity.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Hannah Green

At -17, Brittany Altomare came in third. Brooke Henderson and Nasa Hataoka share fourth place as well as finalists in the top 5 at -15.

In the Top 7, Marina Alex officially becomes the former champion of Cambia Portland Classic. World’s number one Ko Jin Young is in the Top 20.









There is VAR, Premier League injustices remain

It is not too surprising that the controversy erupted around the fact that VAR technology was used in the first two rounds of the Premier League. There are still injustices, controversial situations even though the VAR has entered.

More specifically, it is the VAR that intervenes in the decisions to blow offside. Members of the UK Arbitration Council (PGMOL) affirmed that from the beginning of the season offside situations will be judged almost exactly by the support of technology. The reality in the Premier League is not so.

Man City’s 5-0 win over West Ham in the opening round of the Premier League left two questions about offside situations, though the judgment from the VAR department were all accurate decisions. The problem lies in the uncertainty in decisions, when technology points out the boundary between offside and non-offside is only 38.8 cm. Most recently, Man City once again became a victim of VAR, when Gabriel Jesus’ goal in minutes of injury time against Tottenham was not recognized for an unintentional situation to touch the ball of Aymeric midfielder Laporte earlier.

Chú thích ảnh

Danny Murphy, a former Liverpool player, wrote on the Daily Mail page confirming that VAR is losing the beauty of football in the fog: “It is hard to understand, and VAR technology is destroying fun in matches”.

It is a somewhat extreme statement, but we can feel the downside of VAR. The offside is really a clear decision, although it cannot deny the subjectivity from referees, referees and referees. There cannot be any gray areas (referring to blindness) in offside situations. The lines for identifying on-screen offside that the audience can actually follow are actually made possible by a video operator after discussing with VAR room operators, rather than a device having the function of resizing like goal-line technology.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Có VAR, những bất công ở Premier League vẫn còn

In addition, the cameras used in the VAR room run an average of 50 frames per second. On average, each image needs 0.02 seconds to show up. This can make offside decisions still confusing, especially for players who attack speed like Raheem Sterling. This certainly brings a thorny problem for lawmakers. Coach Guardiola will not be the only one who is frustrated by VAR.









When does the summer transfer market close?

The summer transfer market in England is about to enter the final day, whether the domino chain of Dybala – Eriksen – Pogba has a chance to become true?

The Premier League season has come very close, and that is when the summer transfer market in the country of fog is about to close. Until this time, the day before the deadline of the summer market, the English teams are still doing very well.

According to official information, the summer transfer market in the UK this season will be closed at 17:00 on 8/8 local time. Thus, British clubs will have to complete the transfer procedures before that time to register for rookies to compete in the British Premier League. After 8/8, the UK teams can still sell their players to foreign teams, but there is no chance to buy more and register new players.

In the day before the summer market was officially closed, the UK teams were still searching for the final pieces for their squad. The most awaited is probably the cult domino chain that relates to Paulo Dybala’s 3 stars, Christian Eriksen and Paul Pogba.

Most recently, many prestigious newspapers in Europe have affirmed that Tottenham reached Dybala signing agreement with a fee of 70 million euros, and it is likely that this will be the first chess piece in the domino chain to be activated. If Tottenham gets Dybala, they are likely to release Eriksen, who only has one year of the contract for Man Utd. At that time, Paul Pogba, the player who had no goal to contribute at Old Trafford, could open to Juventus or Real Madrid.

Of course, what happened above is just speculation and is still stopping at the rumor level. From now until the transfer market in the UK is officially closed, there are still more than 30 hours left, and during that time, whatever madness can happen.

Drug addict Escobar once planned to kill Peruvian coach – Gareca

Few people know before going to Peru to create a feat in the 2019 Copa America, coach Ricardo Gareca has escaped the gun of infamous drug boss Pablo Escobar.

Argentine coach Ricardo Gareca is the greatest architect in the team’s Copa journey located on the Pacific coast – Peru. Few people know, almost a hero of Peruvian football has no longer appeared in this world because of a person the whole world is afraid of, Pablo Escobar.

During Gareca’s entire career, he spends most of his time playing in his home country in Argentina in a series of famous clubs like Boca Junior, River Plate, Velez Sarsfield… Only once strategist Born in 1958, this is an exile, and it was the same time he almost couldn’t return.

Leaving home in 1985 to join one of Colombia’s two largest clubs at that time was America de Cali. Gareca glowed with 3 times with this team to the final of Copa Libertadores, although 3 times America de Cali only won the runner-up, Gareca also got his own title as the golden shoe of the tournament.

copa america, kết quả chile vs peru, hlv peru, gareca, pablo escobar, escobar, án mạng escobar, chung kết copa america, tranh hạng ba copa america, lịch thi đấu copa america

And the rise of America de Cali has made Escobar tycoon hot because of this notorious drug lord in the back of the big football force in Colombia – Independiente de Medellin.

The feud between America de Cali and Independiente de Medellin at that time was like water and fire, not only because of its expertise and achievements on the pitch but also because of the presence of the two-drug tycoon who was not reserved for each other. some sympathy.

After Escobar’s empire decimated by a sweeping campaign by local police and CIA, Escobar’s close assassin – Jhon Jairo Velásquez Vásquez or ‘Popeye’ told police a piece of shocking, interrelated information. Football and Gareca.

Specifically, in a campaign to avenge Escobar’s bombing of houses that those who caused it was none other than the Cali Cartel (also the backers of America de Cali, or now called him). Election, Escobar has repeatedly asked assassin Valasquez Vasquez to track and bring the American de Cali players to the list of executions for revenge.

copa america, kết quả chile vs peru, hlv peru, gareca, pablo escobar, escobar, án mạng escobar, chung kết copa america, tranh hạng ba copa america, lịch thi đấu copa america

With crimes such as exploding an aeroplane, exploding police headquarters in Medellin or drugstores and shops in the city, blowing away a car carrying America de Cali players is just a chore. for this hot-blooded tycoon. But luckily for Gareca as well as his teammates, they escaped for a very strange reason, and also very ordinary…

Escobar made numerous decisions but eventually withdrew because of his love for football (Escobar was famous for football, which was why he poured endless money into Independiente de Medellin – the opponent of Gareca team). It was not until this information was published (in the mid-90s) that Gareca prepared to part with the player industry. He never knew that he was very close to death scythes during his days in Medellin, Colombia.

Gangs purging ordinary people and players are not strange in South America in general and Colombia in particular. Recently, Colombian defender Castillo has also received many threats after playing a criminal role that left Colombia eliminated at Copa America.

Back to Gareca’s story, if the old year of this tremor happened, now surely the football world would never see the Peruvian fairy tale in the 2019 Copa America.

Launching powerful knee blowers, martial artists set an unprecedented record in the planet’s largest MMA history

Ben Askren’s formidable punch after just 5 seconds, Jorge Masvidal has owned the fastest UFC victory in history.

The UFC 239 event took place on 7/7, witnessing a remarkable display of talent among 4th ranked boxers Jorge Masvidal and unbeatable opponent Ben Askren. However, contrary to the lively predictions of the experts, the screen of the above ended quickly and unbelievably and set a new record.

Tung đòn gối uy lực, võ sĩ cho đối thủ bất bại đổ gục bất động, lập nên kỷ lục chưa từng có trong lịch sử giải MMA lớn nhất hành tinh - Ảnh 6.

As soon as the bell starts to sound, Masvidal immediately rushes to launch a powerful flying blow. On the opposite side, Askren intends to catch a wrestling blow, but unfortunately gets a full-fledged stroke of countryman punching. Askren was unconscious to stiffen soon after and the referee Jason Herzog quickly signaled the end of the match. Askren has regained peace and peace thanks to the help of the medical team.

Tung đòn gối uy lực, võ sĩ cho đối thủ bất bại đổ gục bất động, lập nên kỷ lục chưa từng có trong lịch sử giải MMA lớn nhất hành tinh - Ảnh 2.

Defeating the opponent within a mere 5 seconds, Masvidal has entered the tournament history as the fastest winner in history. Not stopping, the 35-year-old punched hand will have a contest of middle sale with the expected Kamaru Usman champion at the end of the year.

Tung đòn gối uy lực, võ sĩ cho đối thủ bất bại đổ gục bất động, lập nên kỷ lục chưa từng có trong lịch sử giải MMA lớn nhất hành tinh - Ảnh 3.

There were some criticisms for trying to hit despite Askren’s unconsciousness, Masvidal responding rather harshly. “The referee has not yet pulled me back. My duty is to continue until the referee requests to stop. For those who complain, don’t watch MMA anymore and switch to football”. On the opposite side, Askren had to take the first defeat after 21 appearances. Perhaps, the goal of world domination of American boxers will be much longer to be realized.

Tung đòn gối uy lực, võ sĩ cho đối thủ bất bại đổ gục bất động, lập nên kỷ lục chưa từng có trong lịch sử giải MMA lớn nhất hành tinh - Ảnh 4.

This is the knock-out phase with the fastest time in the UFC history. Masvidal’s achievement broke the 7-second record set since 2006 by Duane Ludwig.Masvidal’s lightning-fast knockout has created a wave on social networks. A man with nick-name Kez doesn’t believe his eyes and he commented that: “This is really the craziest knock I ever witnessed”.






All Europe is surprised because of Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s absence

9 days before the clash with Chelsea in the final of the Europa League 2018-19, Arsenal’s preparation process met with great obstacles. “We are disappointed to announce that Henrikh Mkhitaryan will not be able to join the team”, Arsenal announced.

Usually, a player just misses the final continent level desirable in his career because of a serious injury. But Mkhitaryan’s case is not related to luck in soccer. Arsenal must withdraw their star from the most important match of the season for no other reason than the place he was born, Armenia.

Controversial decision

Please forget about the costly and time-consuming journey that Arsenal and Chelsea fans will have to go through if you want to go to Baku (Azerbaijan) to support your favorite team. Please temporarily forget the frustration when UEFA only distributes 6,000 tickets to 2-team fans while the Olympic stadium can accommodate up to 69,870 people. The most controversial issue in the past days is the ability to attend the match of Mkhitaryan midfielder.

UEFA chose to host the 2018-19 Europa League final in a country where people with certain nationalities are not allowed to enter the territory.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho All Europe is surprised because of Henrikh Mkhitaryan's absence

Armenia and Azerbaijan have experienced a long-lasting conflict. These two countries do not have diplomatic relations because of tensions related to the Nagorno-Karabakh region. Azerbaijan prohibits Armenian citizens from entering the territory. Even foreign nationals with Armenian blood are not allowed to enter Azerbaijan.

Mkhitaryan – a player with Armenian nationality, is among them. Mkhitaryan is also the captain of the Armenian National League. He even entered the “black list” of the Azerbaijan government because he visited an area occupied by the Azerbaijan army without permission, according to the ambassador of Azerbaijan in the United Kingdom, Tahir Taghizadeh.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Mr. Tahir Taghizadeh said Mkhitaryan’s safety would be guaranteed if the midfielder did not use the game as a political blow instead of sports. “His problem was visiting a military occupation area in Azerbaijan without permission from the Azerbaijan government. Consequently, he was on the blacklist of the government. The message I want to send to Mkhitaryan is: You are a football player, you want to play football. Go to Baku and you will be safe there. If you want to play, the story will be completely different”.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho All Europe is surprised because of Henrikh Mkhitaryan's absence

The role of UEFA?

The complexity of the incident forced Arsenal to carefully discuss with Mkhitaryan and his family. After all, they decided not to take Mkhitaryan to Azerbaijan. Arsenal and Mkhitaryan all feel that the promise of ensuring safety for players from UEFA and the Football Association of Azerbaijan is not enough.

In essence, Arsenal and Mkhitaryan are not brave enough to risk the player’s safety. This is not the first time Arsenal have done so to protect Mkhitaryan when the team must play the match in Azerbaijan. But what about UEFA’s role in selecting a politically sensitive venue to host an event?

Kết quả hình ảnh cho All Europe is surprised because of Henrikh Mkhitaryan's absence

UEFA’s core principle is respect, actively promoting inclusion and diversity in football: “Everyone has the right to enjoy football, no matter who you are, where you come from and how to play”. The choice of Baku shows that UEFA goes against this principle. It may even adversely affect UEFA’s campaigns on equality and anti-discrimination in the future.

Last year, the International Chess Federation (FIDE) had to replace the tournament venue after Saudi Arabia did not allow players from Israel to compete. UEFA for its own sake did not do so. Before the wave of fierce criticism from fans and Arsenal officials and players, UEFA only issued a statement expressing sympathy to Mkhitaryan and respecting the player’s decision.

Tiger Woods returned with the 80th PGA Tour title in his career

Not many sports athletes are considered legendary when still competing. But Tiger Woods is one of those rare. In his heyday, Tiger Woods was golf, golf was Tiger Woods. After a decade of scandal, crisis, now that legend has returned with the 80th PGA Tour title in his career.

Often famous stars are threatened with hot photos or private lives. Tiger Woods’ case is the opposite. It is the legendary American golfer who threatens to unleash lacking photos of Kristin Smith.

This is Tiger Woods’ first victory after five years of top-notch competition and has great significance for American golfers. It shows that his tireless efforts paid off. He won the last golf tournament of the year with -11 points and 2 strokes.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Tiger Woods returned with the 80th PGA Tour title in his career

In the final round, Tiger Woods was 3 points ahead of Rory Mcllroy when he finished the second round with a score of -12. Tiger started with a birdie score at hole 1 and scored 8 consecutive points, ending the first 9 holes with a score of -1 bringing the total score to -13 strokes. In the following 9 holes, he played a bogey error at the right of hole 10 after a mistake. However, in the 13th hole, Woods excelled in birdie scoring and scoring. Everything became more dramatic at the 15th and 16th hole when the American golfer had two bogey errors and Billy Horschel overtook McIlroy to chase Woods close to the distance with only 2 sticks. However, in the last two holes, without making any more mistakes, Woods scored two par points to win the championship.

Woods returned, fans also extended their arms to welcome him. Thousands of spectators were at East Lake, Atlanta to watch their beloved idols and golfer. More specifically, many people followed Woods’ sticks at the 18th hole (par 5) to see firsthand the moment Woods once again climbed the emotional championship.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Tiger Woods returned with the 80th PGA Tour title in his career

This is the 80th PGA Tour title of the 42-year-old golfer, only a record low of Sam Snead 2 titles. At the end of the Tour Championship, Tiger Woods marked its return to its first championship in five years, reaching the 13th in the world. The current No. 1 golfer is Dustin Johnson, who won the FedEx Cup and finished third in the Tour Championship.

Woods was judged by experts and audiences and thought he should retire, especially after the latest scandal when he was arrested by police in a state of uncontrolled driving with a suspected drug use case. Previously, the most scandal of “super tigers” is sex addiction and the prostitutes, prostitutes in the list of lovers, which caused his marriage to collapse. Woods has been turned around by the whole world. Then when he wants to play again, the injuries continue to persist. Woods once fell outside the Top 500 world and even last year, he was ranked No. 1199 because he was absent due to injury.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Tiger Woods returned with the 80th PGA Tour title in his career

But Woods doesn’t retire, despite criticism that he should focus on solving personal problems rather than some ambition for golf. But it is a tiger. After five years of hard work, leaving all scandals behind, ignoring criticism and disparaging words, Woods proved to be the champion of a champion who was once called a legend of a golf village. He was the one who caused his glorious career to decline in the last 10 years but still he saw all the mistakes and shook the mud up. And now Tiger Woods’ title collection has reached 107 championships.