Neymar and fateful head shake with Real Madrid

Neymar and the trip to Madrid
In March 2006, the AS newspaper, through a number of close sources, confirmed that Neymar, then a 14-year-old boy, soon wore a Real shirt. This is similar to the story of Lionel Messi, who moved to Barcelona at the age of 13. However, the problems related to the Brazilian striker are more or less different.

At that time, Neymar took a flight to Madrid with his father, Mr. Neymar Pai and his representative Wagner Ribeiro. The Samba supercenter once successfully brought Robinho to the Bernabeu, and this time he wanted to bet Neymar against the Spanish representative.

The striker born in 1992 stayed in Madrid for 3 weeks. He visited the Castilla training facility and quickly impressed with the Infantil A youth team coach, Jesus Gutierrez. “His talent is amazing. He has more outstanding things than the other boys in the academy, ”Mr. Gutierrez said.

Among young talents such as Dani Carvajal, Pablo Sarabia, Alex Fernandez, Fran Sol, and Neymar soon showed talent. “Everyone agrees with making Neymar a club player. Our kids also applaud him, ”Mr. Gutierrez answered excitedly.

Normally when the academy welcomes new recruits, the children here will show jealousy. The first thing they used to say was, “This kid is not as good as people say.” But for Neymar, it’s a completely different story. “Coach, this boy is amazing. So cool, “they said.

Neymar quickly integrated with the youth team, played well, even scored many goals. It seems that the Brazilian striker feels happy in Madrid. In an interview with ESPN, the talent for South America could not hide his emotions: “It was like a dream and Real still had something unreal to me,” Neymar said.

Coming to Real, Neymar met the stars of the soccer village like Zinedine Zidane, Julio Baptista, Ronaldo “fat”. On March 26, 2006, Neymar was invited to the Bernabeu to attend the match between Real and Deportivo. I really like and want to stick with this place.

The mission broke down
A few days later, Real decided to sign a contract with Neymar for a period of 5 years. The agreements were agreed by both parties. However, Samba striker did not appear in the Infatil A youth team to Barcelona. Neymar decided to return to Brazil, and the deal broke down.

Pai then explained why his son rejected the royal team because he felt sad and lost his simple happiness during his time in Madrid. Neymar misses his home, friends, family, Santos and even misses meals in his homeland.

Mr. Pai said it was not easy to refuse large sums of money and new life in Spain. However, Neymar wants to follow what his heart desires. At that time, many people criticized the Brazilian striker’s choice. They said that this young talent missed the opportunity to wear the most prestigious big man in Europe. Or rather, Neymar lost the opportunity to decide his whole life.

Despite this, Mr. Pai still believes in what his son pursues. Money does not buy happiness like people say. Happy with him and Neymar is still the Da Silva family in Brazil.

On the Real side, they responded to the failure of the Neymar deal in a different direction. And it is about money between the two. The South American striker’s agent wanted more than 60,000 euros to accept the deal. The sporting director “Los Blancos” then agreed. However, some members of the club management refused the fee.

On the side of Santos, the club’s chairman, Marcelo Teixeira, felt dissatisfied with the event in Spain. “As soon as we heard of the Madrid deal, we immediately phoned Neymar’s father. We offer 5 more years of contract, salary increases and everything for the Neymar family, ”he said.

Not stopping there, President Santos also contacted lawyer Marcus Motta, who informed and revealed to FIFA about Real’s access to Neymar. And finally, Mr. Teixeira and his home team won the Spanish representative in the fight to retain Neymar.

In addition, Mr. Teixeira played an important role in making Neymar refuse “Los Blancos”. At that time, the talented young South American father and his representative Ribeiro phoned Wanderlei Luxemburgo (the old coach at Real) to persuade President Santos to take him from Madrid.

And when Neymar took a flight to Brazil, he signed a new contract with his hometown team. This is the official information about the broken contract between striker Samba and Real.