The 2019 Super League Season

The United States Women Figure Skating Championship

A 13-year-old has become the youngest female national Skating figure champion making history in the competition. Despite being crowned the winner Alysa Liu will not participate in the next three world championships because of her age, as the competition has an age limit of 15 years and above for participants. The California based teenager’s win in the free skate competition also marked her first senior championship. During the award ceremony, Liu was so stunned that she said she didn’t want to think about what she had just done which now may be termed as the start of a promising career. In Detroit Lui winning routine saw her also become the youngest female skater to land two triple axels, four points ahead of the runners up and defending champion 20-year-old Bradie Tennell.

Super League 2019

The launch of the 2019 Super League season saw what has been widely referred to as a new beginning in the competition. The start of the season brings hope to the fans after what may be termed as a difficult recent past with the top 12 clubs opting to establish their own competition and the splitting of Super Rugby from the Rugby Football League. Factors that are set to change in this year’s competition include the introduction of the ‘Shot Clock’ that will bring more intensity and vigor to the game that has been slugish in the past years.

There will be eight interchanges during the game as opposed to ten that was the case in previous seasons and timewasting during the drop-outs and scram will see players get punished. Another factor that will see that game change is the influx of players from overseas who will add more quality and talent to the game making the competition more competitive. In terms of game structure the Super 8 where the Super League and championship will be split into three divisions.