Drug addict Escobar once planned to kill Peruvian coach – Gareca

Few people know before going to Peru to create a feat in the 2019 Copa America, coach Ricardo Gareca has escaped the gun of infamous drug boss Pablo Escobar.

Argentine coach Ricardo Gareca is the greatest architect in the team’s Copa journey located on the Pacific coast – Peru. Few people know, almost a hero of Peruvian football has no longer appeared in this world because of a person the whole world is afraid of, Pablo Escobar.

During Gareca’s entire career, he spends most of his time playing in his home country in Argentina in a series of famous clubs like Boca Junior, River Plate, Velez Sarsfield… Only once strategist Born in 1958, this is an exile, and it was the same time he almost couldn’t return.

Leaving home in 1985 to join one of Colombia’s two largest clubs at that time was America de Cali. Gareca glowed with 3 times with this team to the final of Copa Libertadores, although 3 times America de Cali only won the runner-up, Gareca also got his own title as the golden shoe of the tournament.

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And the rise of America de Cali has made Escobar tycoon hot because of this notorious drug lord in the back of the big football force in Colombia – Independiente de Medellin.

The feud between America de Cali and Independiente de Medellin at that time was like water and fire, not only because of its expertise and achievements on the pitch but also because of the presence of the two-drug tycoon who was not reserved for each other. some sympathy.

After Escobar’s empire decimated by a sweeping campaign by local police and CIA, Escobar’s close assassin – Jhon Jairo Velásquez Vásquez or ‘Popeye’ told police a piece of shocking, interrelated information. Football and Gareca.

Specifically, in a campaign to avenge Escobar’s bombing of houses that those who caused it was none other than the Cali Cartel (also the backers of America de Cali, or now called him). Election, Escobar has repeatedly asked assassin Valasquez Vasquez to track and bring the American de Cali players to the list of executions for revenge.

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With crimes such as exploding an aeroplane, exploding police headquarters in Medellin or drugstores and shops in the city, blowing away a car carrying America de Cali players is just a chore. for this hot-blooded tycoon. But luckily for Gareca as well as his teammates, they escaped for a very strange reason, and also very ordinary…

Escobar made numerous decisions but eventually withdrew because of his love for football (Escobar was famous for football, which was why he poured endless money into Independiente de Medellin – the opponent of Gareca team). It was not until this information was published (in the mid-90s) that Gareca prepared to part with the player industry. He never knew that he was very close to death scythes during his days in Medellin, Colombia.

Gangs purging ordinary people and players are not strange in South America in general and Colombia in particular. Recently, Colombian defender Castillo has also received many threats after playing a criminal role that left Colombia eliminated at Copa America.

Back to Gareca’s story, if the old year of this tremor happened, now surely the football world would never see the Peruvian fairy tale in the 2019 Copa America.