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There is VAR, Premier League injustices remain

It is not too surprising that the controversy erupted around the fact that VAR technology was used in the first two rounds of the Premier League. There are still injustices, controversial situations even though the VAR has entered.

More specifically, it is the VAR that intervenes in the decisions to blow offside. Members of the UK Arbitration Council (PGMOL) affirmed that from the beginning of the season offside situations will be judged almost exactly by the support of technology. The reality in the Premier League is not so.

Man City’s 5-0 win over West Ham in the opening round of the Premier League left two questions about offside situations, though the judgment from the VAR department were all accurate decisions. The problem lies in the uncertainty in decisions, when technology points out the boundary between offside and non-offside is only 38.8 cm. Most recently, Man City once again became a victim of VAR, when Gabriel Jesus’ goal in minutes of injury time against Tottenham was not recognized for an unintentional situation to touch the ball of Aymeric midfielder Laporte earlier.

Chú thích ảnh

Danny Murphy, a former Liverpool player, wrote on the Daily Mail page confirming that VAR is losing the beauty of football in the fog: “It is hard to understand, and VAR technology is destroying fun in matches”.

It is a somewhat extreme statement, but we can feel the downside of VAR. The offside is really a clear decision, although it cannot deny the subjectivity from referees, referees and referees. There cannot be any gray areas (referring to blindness) in offside situations. The lines for identifying on-screen offside that the audience can actually follow are actually made possible by a video operator after discussing with VAR room operators, rather than a device having the function of resizing like goal-line technology.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Có VAR, những bất công ở Premier League vẫn còn

In addition, the cameras used in the VAR room run an average of 50 frames per second. On average, each image needs 0.02 seconds to show up. This can make offside decisions still confusing, especially for players who attack speed like Raheem Sterling. This certainly brings a thorny problem for lawmakers. Coach Guardiola will not be the only one who is frustrated by VAR.