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Tiger Woods returned with the 80th PGA Tour title in his career

Not many sports athletes are considered legendary when still competing. But Tiger Woods is one of those rare. In his heyday, Tiger Woods was golf, golf was Tiger Woods. After a decade of scandal, crisis, now that legend has returned with the 80th PGA Tour title in his career.

Often famous stars are threatened with hot photos or private lives. Tiger Woods’ case is the opposite. It is the legendary American golfer who threatens to unleash lacking photos of Kristin Smith.

This is Tiger Woods’ first victory after five years of top-notch competition and has great significance for American golfers. It shows that his tireless efforts paid off. He won the last golf tournament of the year with -11 points and 2 strokes.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Tiger Woods returned with the 80th PGA Tour title in his career

In the final round, Tiger Woods was 3 points ahead of Rory Mcllroy when he finished the second round with a score of -12. Tiger started with a birdie score at hole 1 and scored 8 consecutive points, ending the first 9 holes with a score of -1 bringing the total score to -13 strokes. In the following 9 holes, he played a bogey error at the right of hole 10 after a mistake. However, in the 13th hole, Woods excelled in birdie scoring and scoring. Everything became more dramatic at the 15th and 16th hole when the American golfer had two bogey errors and Billy Horschel overtook McIlroy to chase Woods close to the distance with only 2 sticks. However, in the last two holes, without making any more mistakes, Woods scored two par points to win the championship.

Woods returned, fans also extended their arms to welcome him. Thousands of spectators were at East Lake, Atlanta to watch their beloved idols and golfer. More specifically, many people followed Woods’ sticks at the 18th hole (par 5) to see firsthand the moment Woods once again climbed the emotional championship.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Tiger Woods returned with the 80th PGA Tour title in his career

This is the 80th PGA Tour title of the 42-year-old golfer, only a record low of Sam Snead 2 titles. At the end of the Tour Championship, Tiger Woods marked its return to its first championship in five years, reaching the 13th in the world. The current No. 1 golfer is Dustin Johnson, who won the FedEx Cup and finished third in the Tour Championship.

Woods was judged by experts and audiences and thought he should retire, especially after the latest scandal when he was arrested by police in a state of uncontrolled driving with a suspected drug use case. Previously, the most scandal of “super tigers” is sex addiction and the prostitutes, prostitutes in the list of lovers, which caused his marriage to collapse. Woods has been turned around by the whole world. Then when he wants to play again, the injuries continue to persist. Woods once fell outside the Top 500 world and even last year, he was ranked No. 1199 because he was absent due to injury.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Tiger Woods returned with the 80th PGA Tour title in his career

But Woods doesn’t retire, despite criticism that he should focus on solving personal problems rather than some ambition for golf. But it is a tiger. After five years of hard work, leaving all scandals behind, ignoring criticism and disparaging words, Woods proved to be the champion of a champion who was once called a legend of a golf village. He was the one who caused his glorious career to decline in the last 10 years but still he saw all the mistakes and shook the mud up. And now Tiger Woods’ title collection has reached 107 championships.